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EPD clutch technology


  • Can the EPD be applied to different types of cut off wheels?
    The EPD technology can be applied to any size and thickness of cut off wheel (4.5'',5'', 6'',7'',9''), diamond or TCT disc. We are able to conduct adjustments as requested by the manufacturer and fit the EPD to their unique performance needs.
  • Can the clutch performance be adjusted?
    The performance of the clutch can be adjusted, enabling production of different cutting features. For example: Low sliding torque – Unlike conventional cutting tools, EPD’s low sliding torque will allow inexperienced users to cut safely and at a fast pace. High sliding torque - will allow experienced users to cut with maximum power without risking a sudden stop that could cause a kickback or an overload on the cutoff wheel that could break it. Wide sliding area - will allow the user to control the power of the cut that will allow a variety of uses, like cutting along a curved path, thin tins, soft materials like aluminum and more. Narrow sliding area - will allow immediate and quick release as soon as it reaches the permissible torque threshold.
  • Are there any required changes in the cut-off wheel production process to successfully implement the EPD technology?
    The order of production stays the same with the following required adjustments: The inner hole of the cut-off wheel needs to be increased to 32.2mm instead of 22.2mm. The cut-off wheel metal ring must be on both sides of the cut-off wheel. As soon as the cut-off wheel gets out of the oven, an automatic EPD assembly station needs to be added (the assembly machine assembles 1000 cut-off wheels an hour). Our service package includes all required knowledge and assistance to efficiently implement the EPD technology, with minimum intervention to the production process.
  • Does the cut off wheel with EPD technology meet the standard requirements?
    EPD complies with all the required standards: EN 12413, ANSI safety code B7.1 and Israeli standard 1836.
  • What is the EPD’s shelf life?
    The EPD mechanism’s shelf lifetime is much longer than the cut off wheels. The EPD mechanism is coated with anti-rust materials and is less sensitive to humidity and temperature.
  • What is the EPD’s lifetime under load?
    EPDs can hold many repetitions of kickbacks. If you hold the clutch in a clamping condition for an extended period of time (when the motor is disconnected from the cut-off wheel and all the load is on the clutch), the clutch will lose its friction and become loose. This extends the mechanism’s lifetime and protects the user.
  • What was the development process of the EPD technology?
    EPD was developed in full cooperation with CGW's CTO and Chief Experimenter. It took more than 4 years to finalize the product and it included professional user testing and feedback implementation.
  • I am ready to implement EPD in the production process. How do I do it?
    To apply the EPD technology, follow the following process: Define which cut off wheel to apply the EPD on, what’s the expected performance from the cut off wheel, and what’s the production rate. Produce prototypes and check performance, using our supplied quality EPD parts Adjust the production line (if needed) and the position of the EPD assembly machine. Produce innovative quality cut off wheels
EPD Clutch
EPD clutch technology


Make EPD a part of your product line and get an innovative slip clutch that will be integrated into your products and will upgrade your sales.

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